Monday, October 8, 2007

Michael Childress Blog - Kickoff

Hello Readers (readers-to-be, that is)

This blog is designed to fill several roles:
  • A personal perspective on the state of the country and of the world. This will tend to be dark, because the American Dream, and the dreams of the Founding Fathers, are almost completely undermined now by the REAL powers that be - who I will generally refer to as Our Masters. I will be providing evidence and commentary on this over time.
  • A survey of ideas about how to dodge, as much as possible, the bad effects of the dark changes coming over the American scene. Dropping out of the system is one idea, with lots of alternatives, protecting your extremely vulnerable assets any way possible is another, although everything you have and hold is in peril, and ways and means to drop out of the sight and consciousness of Our Masters is a third.
  • A personal chronicle of sorts as I try to effect some of these ideas. I don't want to detail my life and moods or anything like that, but instead talk about decisions and consequences, what worked and what didn't. I'll also report on what I have discovered about other people's efforts along these lines.

The content will be varied, and will include:

  • What I call "Resource Reviews". These are mostly excerpts and quotes from relevant books.
  • Links to resources and information. There are some good web sites and blogs and commentaries out there on the Net (none in the mainstream media of course: "The Revolution will not be televised."), and I will present links and other means of access as I come across them.
  • News. If something important happens, I'll provide links and possibly commentaries.
  • Chronicle. I have some decisions to make, and, indeed, we all have some decisions to make. Things are changing very rapidly, and a lot of people, in fact, probably 95% of the American "Sheeple" are going to get run over. So I will report on what I want to accomplish, how I go about it, and what the results are. And for other people's efforts, too.
  • Anything else that I think would be enlightening or helpful for those of you with similar perspectives.

Comments to this blog are welcome. However, lots of what I will present will appear to be controversial and, for some of you, outrageous and provocative. That is not my intent. I just want to report on things as I see them. I welcome alternative viewpoints, but comments will be moderated - there is just too much incivility, rudeness, anger, frustration, and fear out there in the world, and a lot of this mind-set flows in the anonymous blogosphere. Drama and confrontation are tools of Our Masters, providing emotional distraction from the more important issues at hand.

Some basic themes:

"Be a tree not worth cutting down."
- Reg Saner

"War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength."
- George Orwell's Newspeak

"Fiat is money.
Debt is wealth.
Ignorance is Knowledge."
- Modern-Day Newspeak

Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open.
Mike Childress